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VIVID IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of medical devices and related disposables for diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures. Our Zenith Series contrast injectors for CT, MR and Angio systems are available throughout global markets. We offer OEM and generic contrast injector syringes, syringes kits and patient tubing for global distribution. Our contrast injectors and contrast injector syringes are available branded or private labeled for RX Contrast and Diagnostic Imaging manufacturers VIVID IMAGING Multi Vendor Service is an advanced ISO certified technical service company specialized in the repair and preventive maintenance of contrast injectors. We offer twenty-four (24) hour onsite response repair services for contract injectors within the contiguous (lower 48) United States and regular service coverage throughout the fifty (50) United States and its territories. Our services include parts identification and part sales for contrast injectors, preventive maintenance kits for contrast injectors, telephone technical support for contract injectors, loaner components and systems of contrast injectors and depot repair services for contrast injector. In additional to service support for contrast injectors, we offer low cost syringes solution for contrast injectors.


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