Injector Systems

VIVID IMAGING offers the first flexible branding Value Range injector to Diagnostic Imaging OEMs, RX Contrast Manufacturers and regional distributors globally. Our complete MR, CT and Angiography injector line that can be customized or private label to meet any branding or marketing requirement. Our injectors provide a low cost high quality contrast injection and combines with low cost disposable solutions. VIVID IMAGING offers comprehensive best-in-class direct global service support in over 180 countries. For us for sales and distribution options in your region.

Syringes & Accessories

VIVID IMAGING offers a wide range of High and Low pressure syringes and accessory options for contrast injectors. We manufacture generic and customized private labeled OEM syringes solutions to meet most technical requirements.

MRI Coils Solution

VIVID IMAGING offers quality refurbished MRI Coils solutions to meet most requirements. We have a large selection of refurbished GE, USA Instrument, Invivio, Siemens and MRI Device coils. VIVID IMAIGNG tests all coils to guarantee immediate use on your MRI system. All MRI coils are custom packed to ensure your equipment arrives in excellent condition. VIVID IMAGING offers a full 30-day guarantee on every MRI coil sold. If your coil gives you any problem within the first 30 days, we will fix it or provide you a new one free of charge.


MRI Coil Repair & Service

MRI Coil RepairVIVID IMAGING delivers the most comprehensive coil repair services in the industry. Unlike many coil repair companies, our technical teams consist of highly trained coil design engineers who actively design new coil technologies thus, bringing in-depth coil engineering knowledge to every repair.

Contrast Media Injectors

Contrast Injector SystemsVIVID IMAGING is largest independent service provider for Contrast Injectors and MRI Coils. We have been providing service support to the most recognized names in diagnostic imaging manufacturing, distribution, multi-vendor service, and healthcare since 1994.

Parts Supplies

Contrast Injector PartsVIVID IMAGING is largest supplier of parts for contrast injector systems and MRI coils. We offer technical support for part purchases to ensure you received the part you need.

North America

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