Technical Specification

Dimension: 121cm L, 58cm W, 51cm H. Weight: 22Kg. Color Touch Screen Dimension: 34cm L, 25cm W, 7.5cm H.

Display Weight: 3.2Kg. Battery Capacity: 8Ah, Dimension: 12cm L, 6cm W, 3.7cm H.

Electrical Requirements:  110-242 VAC 50/60Hz

Flow Rate: 0.1 to 10 ml/sec in 0.1 ml/sec increments SyringeⅠfor Contrast Media Injection Capacity: 60ml Volume: 0 ml to 60ml in 1 ml increments SyringeⅡ for Saline Injection Capacity: 60ml or 115ml Volume: 0 ml to max. syringe capacity in 1 ml increments. Pressure Limits: Factory sets 300 psi Delay Time: 0 to 600 seconds Autofill Load Rate: 6 ml/sec Injection Capabilities: 1 to 6 phases. Storage Capabilities: 100 protocols Test injection: 3ml in 1ml/s Pause Phase: 0 second to 999 seconds in 1 second increments KVO: Programmable 0.1ml pulsed every from 10 seconds to 60 seconds in 10 seconds increments.

Zenith C-60 for MRI

Zenith C-60 MR Injector meets the demands of the global diagnostic MR market. The C-60 Dual Head Injector is built to accomplish all routine MR and advanced MR clinical applications for 1.5 and 3T magnets!


Multi-Phase Injection Capabilities

Saline Flush

Independent KVO Procedures

Flexible Power Management System

     Continuous AC with Auto Battery Switch Over

     8 Hour Battery Only

Protocol Management System

Enterprise Solution Management System

Auto Fill Capability

Test Inject Feature

6 Phase Programmable

100 Protocol Storage

LED Display

Compatible with Magnetic Resonance System

Bolus Tracking

Fiber Optic Communication


Flow Rate  Programmable:

0.1 to 10.0 ml/sec in 0.1 ml/sec increments

Pressure Limits: Factory set not to exceed 300psi

Injection Capabilities: 1 to 6 Phases