OEM Alternative Contrast Injector Syringe and Accessory Kit Options

Any reference to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or OEM’s brand is for cross reference purposes only.
Products listed are not affiliated with or manufactured by any OEM and are offered as an alternative to the OEM product. 
Some products listed may be subject to patent protection and not available in all countries.

Type     Product#        Device Compatibility                                                          Syringe Size

CT       100101             MEDRAD MCT, MCT PLUS, Vistron, Envision                   200ml

CT        100102            Sino Medical Sino-D-S                                                         200ml

CT       100103             MEDRAD Stellant SX                                                            200ml

CT        100104            Liebel-Flarsheim CT9000, CT9000ADV                             200ml

CT         100105           Anke High Tech  ASA200                                                    200ml

CT          100108          Nemoto A-60                                                                       200ml

CT          100109          Nemoto A-25, A-60                                                             100ml

CT          100110          IMAXEON Salient CT                                                           200ml

CT          100111          EZEM (Bracco/Acist) Empower Single CT                        200ml

CT          100112          MEDTRON All CT Models (Single)                                     200ml

CT          100113          MEDRAD Stellant D (Dual)                                                 200/200ml

CT          100114          Mallinckrodt Optivantage DH                                           200/200ml

CT          100115          Sino Medical Sino-D (Dual)                                                200/200ml

CT          100118          Nemoto Dual Shot A                                                           200/200ml

CT           100119         Nemoto A-25 (Dual)                                                            100/100ml

CT           100120         IMAXEON Salient CT Dual                                                   200/200ml

CT            100121        EZEM (Bracco/Acist) Empower CT (Dual)                          200/200ml      

CT            100122        MEDTRON All CT Models (Dual)                                         200/200ml

CT            100123        Nemoto A-25 (Dual)                                                             100/200ml

CT            100124        Nemoto Dual Shot                                                                60/100ml

CT             100126       Nemoto Sonic Shot 50                                                         50ml

MRI           200101       MEDRAD Spectris                                                                 65/65ml

MRI           200102       MEDRAD Solaris                                                                    65/115ml       

MRI           200103       Mallincktrodt Optistar LE, Elite                                           60/60ml

MRI           200104       Nemoto Sonic Shot 50 (Dual)                                              60/60ml

MRI           200105       MEDTRON all MR Models Dual                                            60/60ml

DSA           300101       MEDRAD Mark V & Mark V Plus                                          150ml

DSA           300102       Nemoto 120S                                                                         125ml

DSA           300103       Liebel-Flarsheim Illumena                                                    150ml

DSA           300106       IMAXEON Avida                                                                      150ml

DSA           300107       Liebel-Flarsheim Illumena                                                    200ml