Zenith C-60 series for MRI offers a feature packed system compatible up to 3.0T. System is available in 65/65ml, 115/115ml and 115/65ml, 

Zenith H-15 series for Angiography.

Offers a featured packed system multiple imaging applications -  coronary angiography, ventriculograms, aortogramsIt and digital gastrointestinal diagnosis. System is available in 150ml configuration.

Zenith C-11 and C-22 series for Computed Tomography (CT) offers a feature packed system available in 100ml or 200ml dual syringe configuration.

One size doesn't fit all.

VIVID IMAGING brings the first fully customizable contrast injector series to the global market. Custom branding, design, language package, features and colors enhance your brand while addressing local market culture.